Phonics 1, 2, 3が新しくなります!



今回の変更のもう1つの理由は、CLIL(Content and Language Integrated Learning:内容言語統合型学習)ベースのカリキュラムへ移行することでした。これが何かというと、授業で学習する内容は単なる架空のコンテンツではなく、動物の生態などの事実に関連しています。これにより、学習するコンテンツがより親しみのあるものになり、様々な英語の試験に登場する実際の資料とより密接に連携されます。




Starting in April 2020, English-Please! will be relaunching our Phonics course series. Phonics 1, Phonics 2, and Phonics 3 as they have existed for a number of years are being retired and replaced with brand new content!

The phonics component of the P123 course series itself has not changed. We are still teaching the 99 phonics we have always taught. We believe these to be fundamental to improving pronunciation, reading, spelling, and writing and will continue teaching them into the future.

So what has changed? We have replaced the badge packs, the lexis and exponents that students are regularly tested on, with all new fun content designed to have a logical progression as the year goes on. We wanted to make badge pack contents more consistent in difficulty, as some badge packs were considerably more challenging than others. We also wanted to be more consistent in what is asked of the students, the homework they are required to do each week and the language that they are expected to internalise to pass their tests.

Another reason we decided to update the badge packs was to move toward delivering content that is more CLIL-based – following the precepts of Content and Language Integrated Learning. This means the subject matter studied in class relates to real-world information and facts rather than fictional content created specifically for the lesson. This makes content more relatable to the students as they study it and also more closely aligns with the material covered in the various Eiken tests.

In addition, we are launching a new dedicated website – – which will be both faster and easier for users to navigate. It will also allow us to add more interactive digital content in the future, providing supplementary ways for students to study and learn at home.

The important stuff from the previous schema remains unchanged. We will still be conducting group testing every two weeks and awarding students badges for successfully passing their badge tests. We will still be using physical flashcards in the classroom to play games. We will still provide online multimedia and easy to follow homework. And of course we will continue to deliver high quality lessons with this all-new content.

We here at English-Please! are excited to start the new academic year with this reimagined Phonics content. We look forward to bringing you the best of the old and the new!