Quizlet is an application that is used to make learning tools fun and easy. Quizlet can be downloaded on the Apple app store for free. We have been using Quizlets here at English-Please for many years. It is an excellent learning tool. Here are five different ways that you can use Quizlet to study English:

Flashcards- Flashcards are the most common way to study language using Quizlet. One side of the card has English the other side has the Japanese translation. There is also sound so you can hear the pronunciation. Sound can be shut off if you prefer. Another option is to start with the Japanese and flip the card to English. Some advanced students like to use flashcards this way.
Match- Match mode is also very popular here at English-Please. It is a timed game. You have to match the two cards. English and Japanese translation. The fastest time wins. You can practice many times. It is very fun.
Learn- Learn mode is like a quiz. You will be given the Japanese and you have four choices. You have to pick the correct answer of the English translation.
Test- Test mode is a little bit more difficult. You have multiple choice, true or false and match questions. You can check the big green box at the end of the test to see how you scored!
Spell- Spell mode is the most difficult. You are given the Japanese text and you have to spell the translation in English. You can try this after you have mastered the others.
Good luck with the Quizlet application. Study hard and have fun with Quizlet!

QuizletはApple App Storeから無料でダウンロードいただけます。とても優れたツールで、English-Please!では長年にわたりQuizletsを使用しています。以下に、Quizletで行っていただける5つの異なる学習方法をご紹介いたします。