Did you know…

English-Please! Started as a conversation club for adults only?

The first lessons were held in a Cafe Anjou in the year 2000. The cafe was across the street from our present location.
We moved to our current location in 2001.
The adult classrooms in our current location were built in 2003.
The kids school opened in 2005.
Every year since 2006, English-Please! has held a picnic for kids students and their parents, in Asuka Mura.
The English-Please! Cafe opened in 2009.
There are over 1000 books in our free lending library.
English-Please! is the largest independent English school in Nara prefecture.

最初のレッスンが開催されたのは2000年、現在の校舎から通りを渡った頃にあった、Cafe アンジュさんで行われました。