コーヒーは美味しいです。が、カスタムすることで更に楽しんでいただくことができます。ここでは4つのアイデアをご紹介します。 まず一つ目、お塩をほんのひとつまみ、入れるだけ。塩を少し足すことで、ほとんどの食品が更に美味しくなって、そのコントラストを楽しんでいただけます。コーヒーでは、苦味を抑えて飲みやすくなります。ココアがお好きな方も、塩をひとつまみ、試してみてください。

You have just arrived at English-Please! Got your children and yourself all cleaned up (of course you didn’t forget to follow the COVID-19 protocols) and your children are off to enjoy their lesson. That leaves you, with this golden period of silence and solitude – at least for the next 40 to 50 minutes. Many parents love to grab a coffee, put their feet up, and enjoy some “me” time. The coffee is nice, but there are ways to enhance it. Luckily, I know four ideas of how to make your cup of brew just that little bit better.
The first idea is to add a pinch of salt. Salt brings out the flavor in most food and can act as a tasty contrast to whatever it is added to. When you add a pinch of salt to coffee this decreases the bitterness of the coffee which makes it much smoother tasting. If you like hot chocolate you can also add a pinch of salt too!
My next idea is to bring some chocolate or cake (or something else sweet). Many people enjoy the contrast of bitter and sweet. And if you have made friends at EP, sharing some chocolate over a coffee is a wonderfully social idea. My next idea may sound a little crazy but adding a small piece of butter to coffee makes it much richer and creamier and if the butter is salted then the bitterness will be a little less too.
My last idea is to add spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. These spices when mixed thoroughly and in the right quantity add a unique and delicious flavor to any cup of coffee. I hope these little tips help to improve your coffee time at English-Please! Please feel free to use them at home too. ENJOY!