The students in my Tuesday PPA class amazed me with their great behavior and diligent study habits! We had a new student, M-chan #1. She joined M-chan #2, H-kun, A-Kun, K-chan, and H-chan in playing a bunch of fun games.

Even though it was M-chan #1’s first class, she joined in all the activities without being shy. She even produced the correct phonics sounds, which is amazing for her first class. I was also amazed by how helpful everyone was to M-chan #1.

H-kun helped explain when to sit to her, while A-kun gave her a cushion to sit on. K-chan and M-chan #2 helped her understand the rules of the activities. And H-chan helped her when she looked confused during the run-and-touch game. I am so proud of everyone being nice and helpful to the new student! Great job, everyone!


Mちゃん#1へのヘルプにも驚きました。 Hくんはいつ彼女に座るかを説明するのを助け、一方Aくんは彼女に座るためのクッションを与えました。