This class has been a lot of fun to teach! K-kun just recently joined the class, but he fits in perfectly already. He’s been able to learn the grammar we use in class quickly despite being a new student. I am very impressed with his abilities. He also has a great sense of humor!

T-kun has always come to class early, eager to learn and well-prepared for the lesson. He puts in a ton of effort during class, asking questions to make sure he understands and pushing himself to say everything correctly. His dedication is inspirational.

Y-kun has been an excellent listener, responding to my instructions and questions quickly and accurately. He is helpful and tries to explain things whenever he can, such as when someone doesn’t understand a new topic. The boys all laugh a lot during class; everyone enjoys themselves and makes a great classroom atmosphere. I’m very proud of how well they are doing!

この授業はとても楽しかったです! Kくんはつい最近クラスに参加しましたが、彼はすでにクラスに溶け込んでいます。彼は新入生であるにもかかわらず私たちがクラスで使う文法をすぐに学ぶことができました。彼の能力にとても感心しています。彼はまた素晴らしいユーモアのセンスがあります。