I’d like to take a minute to congratulate my Saturday 13:00 P1 class. The group is making great progress with their phonics. During B-Weeks when we use the “Finding Out” book to do a few exercises, everyone knows to flip back through the units we have already covered to refresh their memories when spelling. All of them are catching on that “Dog” equals “d”, “Nut” equals “n” and so on when I provide them with hints. Some of them can remember off the top of their heads which pictures are associated with which letters. They are even starting to spell words without any visual cues, just from sounding out the letters alone. This is awesome! So to M-chan, Y-chan, T-kun, S-kun, J-kun, and R-kun: Well done guys, you should be proud!

To see an advanced Quizlet on the 44 Phonemes used at English-Please, click here: https://ep-kids.com/44-phonemes-yle-smf/