My Tuesday 16:00 PPA class did an amazing job on the big phonics review this week! We set up the cushions to play some good old-fashioned hopscotch, and I started the test. Everyone moved quickly as they jumped across the cushions, hopping toward the front wall to touch the correct phonics sounds. All of the students did well, saying the phonics sounds when they touched the pictures on the wall. There were a total of ten different phonics sounds, and everyone got them all correct. Some of the students even managed to remember which sound is associated with which letter without me having to remind them. I am very proud of the progress this group has made with phonics this year. Congratulations everyone! Keep up the good work!


私の火曜日の16:00 PPAクラスは、学期末のフォニックスの復習をとても頑張りました!

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