Saturdays are the last day of the work week for English-Please teachers. Usually, workers and students have less energy towards the end of the week and are already on “weekend mode,” but that’s not the case for me. My last class for the entire work week, which I have at 7:10pm every Saturday, is one of the classes I look forward to the most. I’m always impressed with what everyone has to say and we have such a fun time in every lesson. Y-kun always has an interesting perspective on the topics we discus, and I love that Y-kun and S-chan work together to help their other classmates communicate. Y-kun is great with making sentences and S-chan is amazing with vocabulary. M-chan always gives funny and cute stories that make us laugh, and H-chan can come up with surprising and funny answers we’re not expecting. I’m sure that these kids will grow up to be wonderful adults in the future and have a love for communicating in English. Thank you for working hard in class and enjoying English! My week always ends on a good note because of this class and is an awesome way to start the weekend.