Starting from April 2019, we will be introducing a new component to Pre-Phonics and Phonics classes. We are calling these “Lexisets”, sets of lexical items that we think all students should know by the time they enter YLE-S.

Lexisets are something that we have already been teaching in class in one form or another. In Pre-Phonics, for example, students will be familiar with the “Which vehicle is it?” and “Where is the ninja?” activities. Phonics students will likewise have seen lexical sets such as occupations, health issues, and rooms of the house via the badge packs they are tested on every other week.

So what’s new from April? Well, we have expanded upon what we already have, both in terms of creating additional lexical sets and in terms of creating more content that students will have access to. We will be introducing such topics as parts of the body, members of the family, animal types, clothing, and more. We will have new flashcards and games to help teach these concepts in class. We will also have Quizlets available on the various lesson pages on for students to use at home, complete with images and Japanese translations.

Get ready to expand your vocabularies, kids! Keep a look out for Lexisets, coming this April!