Please and thank you.

Everyone comes to English please to study English.

But what we must not forget is that English is not a school subject; English is a language. A way to communicate; A way to express our feelings to others. We practice vocabulary, grammar, syntax, and pronunciation, but I think that sometimes the biggest improvements can show when a little politeness is mixed in.

At the end of class, don’t forget to tell your teacher “thank you.” When your teacher hands you a badge after a test, say “thank you”. If you want a blue ball instead of a pink ball, it’s so easy to say “A pink ball, please!”

Right now I would like to thank several of my young students from the past year who have done very well using polite English.

Even though they are just starting in PPA, Yui, Nanae says “thank you” every time I hand them their homework, a fluffy ball, or a badge. At first it was difficult for them and they would always say「ありがとう」in Japanese but after a few weeks of practice, they say “thank you” every time.

My wild and crazy 17:00 Saturday P3 class still asks for balls or markers or pens. Yuna has been very keen to say “all pink balls, please,” as pink is her favorite color. Even several of my YLE classes are great with politeness in English. Ryota, Nozoki, Misora and Mei will even ask me to “please wait” if they are working on a question.

I am very proud of many of my students and I hope that all students at English Please remember that we must be polite even when we are having so much fun.

PleaseとThank you。

みなさん英語を勉強しにEnglish Pleaseに来ています。


授業の最後に、先生に “Thank you”と言うのを忘れないでください。先生がテストの後であなたにバッジを渡したら、 “Thank you”と言ってください。ピンクのボールの代わりに青いボールが必要な場合は、「A pink ball please!」と簡単に言えます。


YちゃんととKちゃんはPPAを始めたばかりにもかかわらず、彼女たちに宿題、ふわふわのボール、バッジを渡すたびに「Thank you」と言います。最初はそれは難しかったし、いつも日本語で「ありがとう」と言っていましたが、数週間の練習を経て「Thank you」と言うようになりました。

私の17:00の土曜日のP3クラスはまだボールやマーカーやペンを使います。Yちゃんはピンクが好きな色だから 「All pink balls please」と懸命に言います。私のYLEクラスのいくつかでさえ、英語での礼儀正しさは素晴らしいです。 Rくん、Nちゃん、Mちゃん、Mちゃんは問題に取り組んでいるとき、「Please wait / 待ってください」と私に言います。