Student Level: EY! Year 3
Interviewer: Noah Sensei
Q: How long have you been studying English, and how long have you been here at EP!?
 どのくらい英語を勉強していますか? またEPに来てからどのくらいですか?
A: I have been studying English for about 4 years and been studying here since last year.
Q: How did you feel about your English when you started studying here?  How do you feel about it now?
 EPで勉強し始めたとき、ご自身の英語についてどう感じていましたか? 今はどうですか?
A: When I started I didn’t have any confidence and didn’t know many words. Now, I can speak a little with confidence, and I’m learning a lot more words and phrases.
Q: Have you ever been overseas? If so, was it to an English speaking country?
A: Yes, I recently went to Alaska.
Q: While on your travels abroad, did you struggle speaking to locals? Can you describe the biggest problem you had in trying to communicate with local native speakers?
A: Native speakers talk fast. It was hard for me to follow.  It was difficult to understand conversations between other native speakers.  I especially noticed that I can’t seem to communicate at all unless I speak with correct pronunciation and intonation.
Q: While on your travels, can you describe something you were able to do that you may not have been able to unless you hadn’t been studying English?
A: I was able to go camping with my host family’s brother and sister for 4 days.  I was able to freely talk with my host mother and speak without much trouble to clerks at the store.
Q: Could you tell us what you think was the overall best experience you’ve had overseas.
A: Through my trip to Alaska I was able to communicate with foreigners who only know English. I feel like this was a great achievement for me. I learned that even though I’m a foreigner, I could share my feelings with others. We can laugh and share touching experiences. And of course, I got to see beautiful mountains, glaciers, and wild animals, which moved me.
Q: What are your plans for English use and study in the future?