YLE-SMFのクラスには、「Sentence Scramble」という演習があります。生徒一人一人にホワイトボード、マーカー、消しゴムが与えられ、5分以内に5つの文章を正しい順番に並べなければなりません。一つの文にかけられる時間は約1分です。

例えば、”is favorite What your kind ice cream of?”という問題があります。答えは”What is your favorite kind of ice cream?”です。生徒たちはみんな品詞を理解した上で、この文を正しい順番に並べ替えなければならないので、この演習はとても難しいものです。更に、時間も制限されています。


All YLE classes have an in-class exercise called “Sentence Scramble”. The students have five minutes to put a sentence in the correct order. Each student is given a dry erase board, marker and an eraser. They have about one minute per sentence. An example would be “is favorite What your kind ice cream of?”. The answer is “What is your favorite kind of ice cream?”. This is a very difficult exercise as students have to figure out the parts of speech and put them in the correct order. It is also difficult because it is a timed exercise.

YLE-S class on Saturday at 17:00 scored a perfect 100% score! All five students finished the scramble in time and the answers were perfect. This is very rare because of the difficulty of the exercise, but they also contined their perfect score the next week as well! Great job YLE-S. I’m very proud of you!